Layan beach Photo Session

Layan beach

Layan Beach, nestled in the northwest corner of Phuket, Thailand, is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered by couples seeking a serene and romantic setting for  photography.

This pristine, lesser-known beach is celebrated for its tranquility and natural beauty. Its soft, golden sands stretch along the shoreline, framed by lush tropical vegetation. The calm, azure waters of the Andaman Sea gently lap at the shore, creating a tranquil atmosphere that’s perfect for intimate photo sessions.

Layan Beach’s seclusion and laid-back ambiance make it ideal for capturing candid moments of love and affection. Whether it’s a couple’s portrait, honeymoon photos, or a surprise proposal, this beach offers a sense of exclusivity and tranquility that’s hard to find elsewhere.

For a photographer with a casual and easy style Layan Beach’s unspoiled beauty will serve as a captivating backdrop. The late afternoon sunsets casting a warm, golden hue over the beach and the nearby hills add a touch of magic to your photography.

In summary, Layan Beach, with its secluded charm and natural beauty, is a hidden treasure on Phuket’s coastline. It provides a captivating setting for your photography, where the essence of love and romance can be effortlessly captured.

Beach hotel

Several 2-5 star resort hotels along Layan beach, such as Anantara Layan Phuket Resort , AKRA Collection Layan

Best time to do a photo session

The best time to do a photo session in Layan beach is in afternoon around 4 pm until sunset because we will have a warm golden light and the atmosphere of sunset colour lights on the beautiful beach

Recommend the photoshoot package suitable is about 2 hours in afternoon 4 pm-6 pm or 5 pm-Sunset

Layan beach Photo Package

  • 1-3 Hours package of photoshoot in afternoon session.
  • 1 photographer
  • Recommend for Couple photos , Honeymoon photos,SOLO Portrait, and  Big group of family up to 5-20 people with 2 photographer package
  • 100-200 Hi-Resolution Digital photo files in JPEG format (4,000 x 2,667 Pixel )
  • Basic retouching and edited in photographer signature style i.e., lighting & color etc.
  • Photos file will delivered within 7 days
  • Full permission to print, copy and distribute.
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Layan beach photo session ,Phuket Thailand
Layan beach photo session ,Phuket Thailand
Layan beach photo session ,Phuket Thailand